GreenGrid Energy Private limited, a social enterprise with vast  five years experience, provides sustainable energy solution and services to under-served households, Commercials and businesses.

We want current and future generations to have equal access to essential social services while living on a thriving and sustainable planet. We aim to improve our communities by giving the gift of clean energy to organizations that need it most non-profits on the front lines, serving our most vulnerable populations. By eliminating electricity costs for non-profits we help them maximize their impact on their direct cause. With our help, these organizations are able to invest funds directly into their missions: to feed children, provide counselling, support a shelter, or start a movement. By saving thousands of dollars for those who need it most, and harnessing the power of the sun, we help local communities thrive.

We work to protect the environment and strengthen country communities through solar energy projects.

We’re one of the leading solar energy provider in INDIA!

We combine the power of the systems and technologies designed by our team of engineers.

All the while using the most advanced technologies available, so that we can deliver more stable and efficient energy projects. Our global platform is our strength!

Switch your energy needs to efficient solar technologies!

We also allow an advanced energy monitoring with the usage of solar mobile app and tablet app. This means you can effectively track your home’s production from anywhere in the world!

GreenGrid Energy’s mounting system technology blend solar panels right into your roof to make the aesthetics perfect. You may not believe it, but the whole installation process goes down in just a few hours…

Pair your solar power system with the battery backup and protect your home from unpredictable blackouts!

What We Do

Solar Panels

We use only the highest quality PV panels. Our panels feature a protective glass covering which makes them weather resistant. The quality of our panels allows us to offer a warranty with confidence.

Solar Installation and Warranty

GreenGrid Energy guarantees high quality solar installation with our Clean Energy Council accredited solar specialists. Installation includes ensuring panels are placed to optimist performance.

Quality Solar Inverters

As one of the country’s largest solar installer, GreenGrid Energy offers a full range of high efficiency solar inverters at value prices. For this special we have the award-winning inverters.

Mission & Vision

GreenGrid Energy is a renewable energy provider for all Indians our mission is to be the best solar supply and installation company in India for medium scale and residential systems, Continually striving to maintain excellence in components installation and superior customer service.

We are

Your independent renewable energy advisor designing tailored made solution from wide range of suppliers.

A variable source of technical support and precision installation.

Dedicated to raising community awareness about the benefits of renewable energy technology.

A customer centric approach to deliver value and happiness to all our customers.

A strong team constantly trained and updated with the recent technologies & trends.

And our Vision is to be the world in which renewable energy improves the quality of life in our world. We make a extensive use of the inexhaustible power of the sun to generate electricity. This is how we shape the energy supply of today and tomorrow.